Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man #129 Homages

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man #129Title: The Amazing Spider-Man #129 Wizard Ace Edition
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Wizard
Cover date: 1974Cover date: 2002
Artist: Gil KaneArtist: Humberto Ramos

Title: The Amazing Spider-Girl #4Title: No Hero #1
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Avatar Press
Cover date: 2007Cover date: 2008
Artist: Ron FrenzArtist: Juan Jose Ryp

Title: Punisher v7 #1Title: Punisher v7 #1
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Marvel Comics
Cover date: 2009Cover date: 2009
Artist: Mike McKoneArtist: Mike McKone

Title: Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #3
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover date: 2011
Artist: Leinil Francis Yu


  1. la portada original es de gil kane y john romita.... de nada

  2. There's also What If (volume 2) #58.

  3. I have a strict (not really) policy about What if, zombie, vampire, skrull, Super Hero Squad homage covers, I find them boring and repetitive. A policy which can't be found anywhere in this web, by the way. Maybe, some day, I put a banner with it. Maybe...

  4. Sentry's "S" is backwards.


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