Saturday, July 28, 2012

DC Comics Teasers

Title: The Sopranos 5th SeasonTitle: Countdown Teaser 1
Production Company: HBOPublisher: DC Comics
Release date: 2004Cover date: 2007
Photographer: Artist: Phil Jimenez

Title: The Last SupperTitle: Countdown Teaser 2
Publisher:Publisher: DC Comics
Year: 1495-1498Cover date: 2008
Artist: Leonardo Da VinciArtist: Ethan Van Sciver

Title: The RockTitle: Brightest Day Teaser
Publisher:Publisher: DC Comics
Year: 1944-1948Cover date: 2010
Artist: Peter BlumeArtist: Ivan Reis

1 comment:

  1. BD had some weird inspirations. Very cool homages, though.


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