Friday, July 27, 2012

Captain Marvel v1 #29 Homages

Title: Captain Marvel v1 #29Title: Charlton Bullseye #2 (interior page)
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Charlton Comics
Cover date: 1973Cover date: 1975
Artist: Jim StarlinArtist: Jim Starlin

Title: The Life of Captain Marvel #1Title: Civil War: The Return
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Marvel Comics
Cover date: 1985Cover date: 2007
Artist: Jim StarlinArtist: Ed McGuinness

Title: Captain Marvel v6 #1
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover date: 2012
Artist: Adi Granov

The Captain Atom page was spotted at Rip Jagger's Dojo. Also, you can see the cover before the John Romita redrawing here.

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