Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 Homages

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21Title: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Marvel Comics
Cover date: 1987Cover date: 1987
Artist: John RomitaArtist: John Romita

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man #600 (interior page)Title: The Amazing Spider-Man #620
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Marvel Comics
Cover date: 2009Cover date: 2010
Artist: Mike McKoneArtist: Pasqual Ferry

Title: Bad Ass #3
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Cover date: 2014
Artist: Bruno Bessadi


  1. Incomplete...
    What if #20:
    another variant:
    my favourite:
    a cruel one:

  2. This is how i found The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 is really perfect series that i experienced ever and i am big fan of Spider man and now i am waiting to watch Captain America film series movie Spider-Man: Homecoming where i had recently Watch online trailer on YouTube which is full of Fantasy and Science fiction movie..>!


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