Monday, September 16, 2013

Punisher entry in OHOTMU DE Swipes & Homages

Title: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #10 (interior page)Title: Rai #0
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Valiant Comics
Cover date: 1986Cover date: 1992
Artist: Mike ZeckArtist: Jim Shooter

Title: Rai Companion #1Title: Valiant ad
Publisher: Valiant ComicsPublisher: Valiant Comics
Cover date: 1993Cover date: 2012
Artist: Artist: David Aja

Title: Valiant Comics Spring 2012 Preview Edition
Publisher: Valiant Comics
Cover date: 2012
Artist: David Aja

Here is a direct quote from an interview with Jim Shooter explaining the swipe.

I actually drew the cover to Rai #0. It was just a silhouette, so someone had to fill it in and ink the dot. We had obviously planned the look of the character by that point. And I should admit this, in the interest of fairness: I was looking at a drawing that Mike Zeck did. I mean, I'm not that good an artist and the only reason I did it was that we didn't have anybody with a free pair of hands who could do it. If we'd had a real artist available, somebody else could have done it, but I ended up doing this because it was a silhouette. I figured, You know, I could do this. So I did just to save time for Bob and for Don and the other guys. I don' t think anybody could tell it was done by an amateur.

(from All Things Valiant blog)

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