Monday, January 2, 2012

Remake: Blackest Night #6 / Green Lantern: Blackest Night HC

Title: Blackest Night #6Title: Green Lantern: Blackest Night HC
Publisher: DC ComicsPublisher: DC Comics
Cover date: 2010Cover date: 2010
Artist: Ivan ReisArtist: Rodolfo Migliari


  1. The movie stayed true to the comics. Just for them to come out with a Green Lantern movie is a great feat in itself, since he's an inter-galactic super-hero flying thru the universe. They should have extended the movie by about 15-20 minutes to develop the background of Ohwa and also show some more Green Lantern battle with some bad dudes. The character development was ok, but there were some cheesy moments.

  2. The truth is I haven't seen it yet so I can't make an oppinion, but I've heard of so many bad reviews and my expectations are so low that I'm sure I'll like it. Cheers!


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