Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting Homages

Title: Adventures in BabysittingTitle: Darkwing Duck v2 #17
Production Company: Touchstone PicturesPublisher: Kaboom!
Release date: 1987Cover date: 2011
Artist: Drew StruzanArtist: Sabrina Alberghetti

Title: X-23 v2 #17Title: Love and Capes: What to expect #2
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: IDW Publishing
Release date: 2012Cover date: 2012
Artist: Kalman AndrasofszkyArtist: Thomas F. Zahler

Title: Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake #1
Publisher: Kaboom!
Release date: 2013
Artist: Joe Quinones

The X-23 Homage has been graciously spotted by ContieneSpoilers.


  1. And I've just got another one. I'm on fire!
    I hope you didn't have these ones.

    Cheers! ;)

  2. Yes, I knew about that one. Even though I usually post everyday, I have a folder where I keep all the swipes/homages I find. Thank you so much, anyway. Regards.


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