Friday, February 7, 2014

Detective Comics #31 Homages

Title: Detective Comics #31Title: Batman #227
Publisher: DC ComicsPublisher: DC Comics
Cover date: 1939Cover date: 1970
Artist: Bob KaneArtist: Neal Adams

Title: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #8Title: Droopy #1
Publisher: DC ComicsPublisher: Dark Horse Comics
Cover date: 1990Cover date: 1995
Artist: Klaus JansonArtist: Bill Morrison

Title: Batman: Shadow of the Bat #45Title: Following Cerebus #3
Publisher: DC ComicsPublisher: Aardvark-Vanaheim
Cover date: 1995Cover date: 2005
Artist: Brian StelfreezeArtist: Dave Sim

Title: Batman and the Mad Monk #1Title: Robin v2 #176
Publisher: DC ComicsPublisher: DC Comics
Cover date: 2006Cover date: 2008
Artist: Matt WagnerArtist: Freddie Williams II

Title: Darkwing Duck #8Title: The Golden Age of DC Comics 1935-1956
Publisher: Boom! StudiosPublisher: Taschen
Cover date: 2011Cover date: 2013
Artist: Diego JourdanArtist: Bob Kane


  1. haha I wandered in here through your twitter... I colored that darkwing Duck cover! so random! But it's true, editors really love to riff off old cover compositions!

  2. Dont forget that Batman & Robin #2 by Frank Quitely is an homage too.

  3. Adventures Of Grumpy Cat #1 Hoknes Comics Exclusive covers has homage cover tribute to Detective #31 released October 2015


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