Friday, August 30, 2013

Mike Mignola homages Francisco de Goya

Title: Hellboy: In the Chapel of MolochTitle: Capricho 45: Mucho hay que chupar
Publisher: Dark Horse ComicsPublisher:
Release date: 2008Release date: 1799
Artist: Mike MignolaArtist: Francisco de Goya

Title: Capricho 48: SoplonesTitle: Capricho 77: Unos a otros
Publisher: Publisher:
Release date: 1799Release date: 1799
Artist: Francisco de GoyaArtist: Francisco de Goya

Los Caprichos are a set of 80 aquatint prints created by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya in 1797 and 1798, and published as an album in 1799. The prints were an artistic experiment: a medium for Goya's condemnation of the universal follies and foolishness in the Spanish society in which he lived. The criticisms are far-ranging and acidic; he speaks against the predominance of superstition, the ignorance and inabilities of the various members of the ruling class, pedagogical short-comings, marital mistakes and the decline of rationality (from Wikipedia).

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