Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yeah, the images can´t be seen

Months ago, when I had only one photobucket account, I stumbled upon the same problem, so I opened a second account to split the bandwith. On that occasion, the problem fixed itself at the first of the month, but nowadays it seems that something had changed at photobucket offices.

In their website, they claim that "We are currently experiencing technical issues with one of our servers. We are working on this issue right now." (Feb 28 2013) They refer to premium users but I think it´s extensive to other users as well.

Now, for the moment, I´m gonna upload the following homages in Flicker and, if photobucket is still down in the next week, I´ll rethink my hosting choice.

To those affected, I sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience.



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