Monday, January 21, 2013

Redrawing faces: The Amazing Spider-Man #11 / Marvel Tales #148

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man #11Title: Marvel Tales #148
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Marvel Comics
Cover date: 1964Cover date: 1983
Artist: Steve DitkoArtist: Steve Ditko

Alterations on Dr. Octopus' face and Spider-Man's legs in The Amazing Spider-Man #11 cover by Jack Kirby. The unaltered cover was published as the cover to Marvel Tales #148 (from Grand Comics Database).


  1. Is "Redrawing Faces" going to become a category in and of itself? If so, I approve. Also, I never knew Kirby re-drew any Ditko stuff. Fascinating.

  2. Sincerely, I don`t know, I know there are a lot of redrawed faces out there but I think none of the original ones got through the pencilled stage.


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