Saturday, August 25, 2012

Judge Dredd (Eagle) #1 Homages

Title: Judge Dredd (Eagle) #1Title: Judge Dredd (DC) #9
Publisher: Eagle ComicsPublisher: DC Comics
Cover date: 1983Cover date: 1995
Artist: Brian BollandArtist: J.H. Williams III

Title: Judge Dredd Megazine v3 #68
Publisher: Rebellion
Cover date: 2000
Artist: Cliff Robinson


  1. I AM THE LAW! and i can't wait to see this movie it better not suck! hey Dave a posted something on the SS blog just yesterday that's Judge Dredd related to.

  2. brian bolland is my all-time favorite penciler !!! love his 2000 AD #134 cover illustration : ...

  3. @Shlomo Ben Hungstien

    I bet you anything it's better than the first one!

    Thanks for stopping by, btw.

  4. @Anonymous

    Imagine the Batman/Dredd crossover drawn by Bolland.

    It's easy if you try.


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