Friday, May 4, 2012

Erik "Big Fist" Larsen

Title: Nova v3 #1Title: Mighty Man #1
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Image Comics
Cover date: 1993Cover date: 2004
Artist: Erik LarsenArtist: Erik Larsen

Title: Johnny Raygun Quarterly #2Title: Invincible Returns #1
Publisher: Jetpack PressPublisher: Image Comics
Cover date: 2004Cover date: 2010
Artist: Erik LarsenArtist: Erik Larsen & Ryan Ottley

Title: Supreme #64
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover date: 2012
Artist: Erik Larsen

I really miss a Savage Dragon "Fist" cover.


  1. great posting title! i happen to have that NOVA issue it's a great read and i'm glad Larsen's art was only on the cover.

  2. Just saw this... Hi, I'm Rich Woodall, creator of Johnny Raygun... funny story behind that cover. My writing partner Matt, and I asked Erik specifically for one of his "big hand" poses... he asked us for a sketch, I did one and sent it to him, he flipped it and 2 days later I had this in my inbox!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it. Certainly it's a strong cover!


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