Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remake: Rom #11

Title: Rom #11Title: Rom #2
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: Ediciones Surco
Cover date: 1980Cover date: 1983
Artist: Michael GoldenArtist: Rafael López Espí

Graciously spotted by David H.


  1. thanks for posting this! i made a link on the "Blog for ROM fans who aren't dicks".
    that sure would be cool if there was the appropriate cover art out there to do this kind of posting with the DC relaunch Suicide Squad.

  2. Nice job you both! López Espí is such a great artist who worked a lot in the covers of the Spanish edition's. He remade hundreds of covers and also he creates original superhero related pieces of art.
    Altough I miss the text globe in the Spanish edition.
    Thanks for the tribute.

  3. Lopez Espí legendary posters:

    1. I LOVE THAT LINK! look what they did with the names of superheroes! Los 4 Fantasticos (do i really need to translate that?), La Masa (The HULK), Dan Defensor (Daredevil)and last but not least "El Hombre de Bronce", Doc Savage.

  4. Yeah, they used to do that back in the day :D

  5. Espi has a great fanatasy illustration style but you just can't beat Michael Golden.


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