Sunday, March 25, 2012

Homage: ROM #17 / Hawk & Dove v5 #7

Title: ROM #17Title: Hawk & Dove v5 #7
Publisher: Marvel ComicsPublisher: DC Comics
Cover date: 1981Cover date: 2012
Artist: Frank MillerArtist: Rob Liefeld

Spotted at Sanctum Sanctorum.


  1. alright! so you did get that email. or maybe you knew about it already, but either way it's good to see this here too.
    i understand now what you mean when it comes to the difference between homage covers and covers that by coincidence happen to have similar concepts and lay outs.

  2. Yeah, I´ve been offline for a few days but now I´m back.
    The line between homage or coincidence is a thin one, and each person draws it in a different place.


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