Monday, August 29, 2011

Thor #142 Homages

Title: Thor #142 Title: Foom #5
Publisher: Marvel Comics Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover date: 1967 Cover date: 1974
Artist: Jack Kirby Artist: Rich Buckler

Title: Superman v2 #40 Title: Doom 2099 #24
Publisher: DC Comics Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover date: 1990 Cover date: 1994
Artist: Jerry Ordway Artist: Pat Broderick


  1. Mike Mignola also did a version of this cover for the Hellboy movie. You can see it in the opening credits.

  2. Yeah, I knew it, but I try to post only published works. If I posted unpublished covers i would have to include all the covers from the Covered blog, a whole lot of comissions and all the incredible Chris Giarrusso recreations.


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